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Setting Up a Blog within Blackboard

A Blog is a tool that instructors can use to allow students to reflect on learning, see other students’ posts, and leave comments about their work.

Watch a video on how to create a blog.

To create a Blog within Blackboard:

  1. Log into your course site with Edit Mode set On.
  2. Click on the area (i.e. Content) in which you want the blog to appear.
  3. Click Tools > Blogs.

  4. Click Create New Blog.
    Create Link Blog
  5. Type a name for the blog and any accompanying instructions.
    create blog
  6. Select Yes for Blog Availability.  You can also set Date and Time Restrictions.  Generally speaking, we recommend leaving the blog available to students so that they may refer back to it at any point during the course.
    blog availablity
  7. Under Blog Participation, select Group, and uncheck the box for Allow Anonymous Entries and Comments.
  8. Under Blog Settings, select Monthly, and check the box for Allow Users to Edit and Delete Entries.
  9. Under Grade Settings, you could choose to create a single Grade Center column for all posts made.  If you plan to grade individual contributions, you can choose to manually add columns to the Grade Center after the blog has been created.
  10. Click Submit.
  11. Once you’ve created the blog, you’ll need to create the Link to the Blog within your content area.  Select the name of the Blog.  Click Next.
    Create link blog 2
  12. Confirm the Link Name, any accompanying text, and corresponding options.
    Under Options, select Yes to make the blog Available.
    Click Submit.
    Link information

Workshop: Blackboard Wikis, Blogs, and Journals

This workshop explores online tools that can enhance student collaboration and reflection.

Workshop Objectives

  • Compare and contrast educational uses of wikis and blogs
  • Investigate differences between Blackboard-hosted Web 2.0 tools and commercially-available tools (Google Sites & WordPress)
  • Learn how to set up wikis, blogs, and journals in Blackboard
  • Learn promising practices for the use wikis and blogs in education

Handout: Blackboard Wikis, Blogs, and Journals (PDF)

Watch a video about how to set up a wiki.