Adding a New Announcement

The Announcements page is typically the first area your students will see when they log into an online course. As such, this is an ideal place to post time-sensitive material.

If the Announcements page is not listed in your navigation menu, you can add that area back to your menu and set it to be the course entry point.

Watch a video on how to add and edit announcements.  

To post an announcement to the Announcements page:

  1. Log into your course site with Edit Mode set On.
  2. Click Announcements.
  3. Click the Create Announcement button.
  4. Type a subject and message.
  5. Under the Web Announcement Options section, you may select when you want this announcement to appear. We recommend selecting Not Date Restricted.  You may also choose to have the Announcement emailed to students.

  6. Under the Course Link section, you also may choose to link to other areas within your course site by clicking the Browse button and selecting the appropriate area.
  7. Click the Submit button.

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