Adding Documents

You can post a variety of document types to your course site, including Microsoft Office documents (i.e. Word, PowerPoint, Excel) and Acrobat PDF files. Note: If your Word document has unusual fonts or special characters, you may want to post it as an Acrobat PDF file.

Watch a video to learn how to create folders and add content.

To add a document to your course site, please do the following:

  1. Log into your course site with the Edit Mode set On.
  2. Click on the area (i.e. Content) in which you want to place the document.  If you want to post your document to a specific folder, click on the name of the folder.
  3. Click Build Content > Item.  Note: You can choose to click File instead, but you will not have the option to add a description about the document.

  4. Type a Name for the item.  You can also add a short description in the Text box.
  5. Under Attachments, click Browse My Computer.  Select the file you want to post and click Open.
  6. Under Options, you may choose to track who views the document and set date restrictions.  If you do not set a date restriction, the document will display indefinitely within the course site.  It is generally recommended that date restrictions not be set.

  7. When finished, click Submit.

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