Adding a Link to a Website

To add a link to a website:

  1. Log into your online course site with Edit Mode set On.
  2. Click on the area (i.e. Content) where you want the link to appear.
  3. Click Build Content > Web Link.
  4. Under the URL Information section, type in the name of the website.
    In the URL field, type or paste the link of the website address.
    Then in the Text box, you may enter a description of the web site or include a note about specific aspects of the site that you would like students to review.
  5. Under the Attachments section, you may choose to add a document to accompany the link to the website. For example, if you had a specific handout related to the website, you could include the handout as an attachment.
  6. Under the Options section, select Yes for Open in new window.  This will help your students distinguish between their online course site and the external website to which you are giving them a link. You may select other options as desired.
  7. Click the Submit button.

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